Referees Guidelines


Tuesday, 05 April 2011 15:46

We accept research papers (empirical studies) as well as theoretical studies. Book reviews will be also considered for publication.

The articles that are published in the Journal of Educational sciences and Psychology follow a double blind peer-review procedure. Each paper registered for publication is separately assessed and reviewed by two independent reviewers who will not be aware of the author’s identity. In their turn, the authors do not know the reviewers’ identity.

The scientific review is accomplished by outstanding specialists in the field of the article under review.

The appointed scientific reviewers may belong to the scientific committee of the Bulletin or not (see the Referees' Board as well).

Having followed the editing requirements, the manuscript is sent to the two reviewers appointed by the editorial board for that respective topic. They must send their decision to the Editor within 15 days after they have received the manuscript to be reviewed.

The assessment criteria are mainly the following:

The reviewer shall express his decision in one of the following terms:

  1. Accepted without objections;
  2. Accepted with minor changes;
  3. Accepted with (major) changes and revision;
  4. Rejected.

Besides the reasons concerning the scientific content of the article, the reviewer may reject the manuscript whenever he/she as certains a case of plagiarism or compiling.

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